Casey at work Body of work:
My work is about nature, from the tiny, seemingly insignificant branch to the microcosm that makes up the world in which we live.
Geometries, golden mean, the perfect circle representing infinity, the continual chain of elementary process from rain to snow to ice and then back to rain, the four seasons that parallel the change in the state of humanity, spring for the birth and rediscovery to the winter where we commit to the long sleep before returning to spring.
That which we may perceive in nature as chaos, possesses order unseen by the untrained eye and we must strive for balance in all things in nature and within ourselves.

The world around us displays subtle nuances in texture, color and shape, a never ending journey of discovery to be explored and treasured. A rock found out in the field may seem dull in comparison to a faceted diamond, but it too, has beauty, it is merely waiting to be acted upon and given a new form.

I have always respected mother nature. This is my way of giving a concrete, more permanent form to the transient beauty that makes up this world in hopes to share it with others.


Born in Massachusetts, raised in Australia and NJ
Spent many summers exploring the small microcosm of my backyard and someone else’s back yard, a huge farm full of intriguing landscapes, when not busy getting hands dirty with gardening. . .


BFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago 1999
Art & Technology, minored in Painting and Humanities
graduated with High honors

MFA at Academy of Art University, San Francisco 2005
Sculpture with emphasis on Metals: both foundry and jewelry
Graduated with honors due to my contribution as a student rep for the sculpture dept.

Graduate Studies at RISD 2000-2001
Interior Architecture

Pre College studies at RISD 1994

When I’m not working on my art, you can find me at the piano or at my computer working on some creative writing with the intent of publishing a science fiction novel.

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