Studio Today Friday, 9th February 2018
for my birthday (last year, dec)i was gifted a beautiful colour canon printer. professional quality with the ideas to make my artwork more available. And in card sizes too, because we all still like to send each other notes the old fashion way. so. they will be made available for purchase soon!

Studio Today Friday, 9th February 2018
Who doesn't like bees and butterflies? 4x5 cards

Studio Today Monday, 22nd January 2018
it has been a slow winter with the onslaught of snow and the general need of some me time. That and the house needed some work and the studio had to be dug out from all the projects that were being worked on over the year. January is the month of renewal and rest, where introspection occurs. its vital to the longevity of the creative spirit. But I have not been completely slack in creating new work. I have branched out to include some quilting into my arsenal. lap quilts.

Studio Today Tuesday, 26th September 2017
I have the opportunity to participate in a mini version of artprize, known as Grand Haven ArtWalk. This particular piece is hanging at a wonderful gallery of hand crafted jewelry by my friend, Julie Sanford. The frame was constructed from poplar using cabinet making skills and between my dad and I we decided to leave it natural, creating that sense one is looking out a window. This is lake michigan from Duck Lake park

Studio Today Sunday, 24th September 2017
This is one of the dozen paintings I have on display at the LowellArts center in Lowell Michigan. We had an opening this past sunday, a lovely affair in spite of the heat.

Studio Today Wednesday, 20th September 2017
So i have the opportunity to do something new. A mural. For a brewery in standale, mi. It is a learning curve, but this is good thing for an artist to always experience. To become complaiscent is to become weak and stunted in ones growth. I will say since dedicating myself to 2d art, the world seems to be opening up a bit more for opportunities. Met some lovely locals too. And the local meijers. Wowza.

Studio Today Friday, 15th September 2017
Work in progress heading for Grand Haven artwalk. At JSD studios. Stay tuned for more

Studio Today Sunday, 10th September 2017
My first ever award for my first outing as a painter. The universe must be telling me something... it was a beautiful show and day.

Studio Today Wednesday, 16th August 2017
so, i have been carving into linos for the past two weeks in addition to teaching at an art camp. it was clear to me when i finished the second, this needed to be displayed as a trio. so, what should i do? a sunflower! viola! this is just a preliminary print to see how the carving went before i would do the final printing and maybe add some faint color.

Studio Today Wednesday, 16th August 2017
I also finished this landscape painting of a field where the hay had been recently cut against a brooding sky of clouds. it was a frustrating piece because with pastels, you cannot mix your colours like paint, but overlap them in a way to create the illusion of the colours you want. i really love the trees though.

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